Over 90% of Athletes in Our Programs Improve their Sports Performance by 22.7% in Less than 10 Weeks!

What We Do... & How We Do It!

Over 30 years, Z Athlete Factory and its founders have utilized Motion DNA 6D Ai technology & its proprietary methods to assess and optimize the biomechanics of over 100,000 athletes.
Our certified Motion DNA Specialists identify the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, limitations, & compensations of athletes in our programs which give our coaches the ability to predict the results each individual athlete may achieve.
In order for any athlete to achieve maximum results, the athlete and coach must first be committed to being anything other than average! 
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Host a Motion DNA Workshop!

We invite coaches, trainers, and sports therapists to host our workshops at your school, sports peformance, or club team's location.

With a minimum of 4 of your athletes at your private workshop, we'll work with you to optimize the effectivenesss and efficiency of each individual athlete's training program to maximize their individual results!

To discuss how you or your team could benefit from our Motion DNA Workshops, products & services...

Introduce Exercise to Any Athlete's Feet with Our "In Shoe" Foot Strengthening Kits!

The feet impact the entire body and they are impacted by the entire body. 

Training barefoot or in flat shoes is not enough to counteract years of foot neglect. Improving the function of the feet, we have seen lead to many benefits for athletes of all ages and activity levels, including improved speed, endurance, explosiveness and power!

Our Full Length Insoles are for any shoe with "removable" insoles. Simply take out the existing insole which came with your shoes and replace it with our in shoe exercise kit for your feet.   


Our 3/4 Length Insoles for any shoe with "non-removable" insoles.​All you do is place our in shoe exercise kit for your feet inside of your shoes on top of the existing insole which came with them. 

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