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Discover How to Optimize & Maximize the Results of Any Runner's Training Program.  

Discover How to Optimize & Maximize the Results of Any Runner's Training Program.  

Enroll in our Summer 2023 RunRite Runner Coaching Course (8 Weeks)


As a certified RunRite Specialist and Community Partner,  you'll get an advantage over your competition. The average running coach provides athletes with nearly identical running workouts. Most of these workouts are based on...

  • What the coach typically recommends based upon the coaches likes, preferences, personal experience, trial and error
  • How many years the person has been running
  • How many miles the person runs per week/month
  • Current injury status
  • The runner's age
  • The runner's gender

Our certification gives coaches the tool to make the training program based on an Audit of the individual Runner's Biomechanics and Kinesiology including...

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Strength, Flexibility, Endurance from fingertips to toes
  • Compensations for The Athlete's Unique Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Predicted Future Runner Race Results 


In this Hybrid In Person and Virtual course participants will attend two (2) "in person" workshops to complete a RunRite Audits of your own runner technique. 

Either take the assessment for yourself or invite one of your runner clients to go through the course as we assist you with helping that runner optimize their runner training program's effectiveness and efficiency to speed up and maximize their results. 

Upon completion of the RunRite Runner Audit, you'll spend 8 weeks being guided through a complete exercise and runner optimization program unique to what will cause each runner to to run faster and eliminate injuries! 

  • How to Transform Any Athlete's Running Mechanics
  • How to Transform Any Athlete’s Physical Performance Factors
  • How to Quickly Increase Any Athlete's Speed at Any Distance
  • How to Identify & Transform the Risk of Any Athlete Suffering a Running Related Injury
  • How to Perform Technique & Corrective Exercises
  • Proper Technique & Coaching of Corrective Running Drills
  • Recruiting Runners for Transformation
  • How to Host The RunRite Challenge
  • How to Interpret RunRite Reports
  • How to Implement the Drills & Exercises Recommended by The RunRite System 
  • How to Operate a RunRite Transformation System (Level II Only)
  • How Manage RunRite Events

During the weekly virtual coaching sessions, we'll guide you through your own runner optimization program supporting you along the way with adjustments to help keep you on track to maximize your running performance. 



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