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Our Four (4) Month Blue Membership is ideal for the athlete who desires to become a starter on their high school team or earn a college scholarship in any sport. This memberships provides the athlete with the ideal amount of time it takes to work through the four crucial phases of physical development.

  1. Phase 1:  Muscular and Skill Endurance (Foundation)
  2. Phase 2:  Muscle Growth and Skill Development (Hypertrophy)
  3. Phase 3:  Muscle Strength and Skill Refinement (Explosiveness)
  4. Phase 4: Muscular Power and Skill Enhancement (Peak Phase)

It is best to start this membership in the off season.  Membership Includes...

  • 3 Coaching Sessions per week monthly for one year (minus two week break)
  • Quarterly "In-shoe" Exercise Kits to Exercise the Muscles of the Feet
  • One (1) Thirty Minute BioFeedback A.I. Coaching Session Per Week
  • Two 3D Skill/Technique Assessments
  • Unlimited Compression & Recovery Therapy Sessions per Week
  • 15% Discounts on Additional Products & Services

Blue Membership (4 Months)

Blue Membership (4 Months)

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