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Run Up to 20% Faster & Eliminate Runner Related Injuries in Motion DNA Runner's A.I. Optimization Program !

Run Up to 20% Faster & Eliminate Runner Related Injuries in Motion DNA Runner's A.I. Optimization Program !



Our RunRite workshops give athletes (and coaches) the ability to accomplish any realistic runner-related goal, from improved fitness to weight loss, any sports performance or runner performance at any distance.

In our workshops use The RunRite System to identify how to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of each individual runner's training program helping each to ...

  • Run Up to 22.7% Faster in Less than 5 Weeks
  • Break through Marathon & Half Marathon Race Time Plateaus
  • Eliminate the Risk of Runner Related Injuries
  • Identify & Maximize Specific Strength and Conditioning Related Physical Abilities or Limitations Unique to Each Runner

We give athletes and coaches the tools and insight to maximize every aspect of any athletes by identifying the exact areas of each player's body which impacts jumping, shooting percentages, on the court endurance,  improved fitness or the prevention of ACL, Achilles, & other player related injuries.

What is the RunRite System and how does it work for you?

What people are saying...


My chronic plantar fascia pain is gone and I dropped 2 minutes per mile in my first 6 weeks! My technique improved significantly from the very first session!   

--April M.-54 (Phoenix, AZ   



I had no idea I could be too flexible and that it was stopping me from running with power.  I was considerably faster right away!

Bella T. - 17 (Peoria, AZ)


IMG_1202 3.jpg

Everything I learned in the first 3 hours goes against 90% of what's being taught to high school athletes. RunRite makes common sense based on real physics!

O'Brien C. - 18 (Plano, TX)


I dropped from 12.21 to 11.63 in the 100M in the first race after my second session by addressing what I was missing.  It was less than a week later.  My coaches couldn't believe it! 

-Henry S. - 15 (Chandler, AZ)

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"To achieve exceptional results, it takes more than looking at how much weight an athlete lifts on power cleans or squats, or heart rate or how far, how fast, and how often someone runs."  --Zig Ziegler- The Sports Kinesiologist

  • The science only shows us what the average athletes are doing now
    • Which really only confirms that athletes are doing what they are being taught! Duh? 
  • So many coaches, former elite athletes, and "influencers" share their favorite generic exercises, drills & workouts on social media. 
    • But is this right for most athletes or does it just sound cool on social media? 

    Our RunRite A.I. System looks at each individual athlete deeper than any other technology in the world.  It identifies what's available to each specific athlete and makes exact recommendations which, when implemented, will give the athlete the ability to run faster or eliminate the root cause of injuries. 

    Blaze your own path! Embrace the future of coaching now!






    Are you ready to run 2% faster each week & eliminate runner related injuries!

    Enter The  runrite logo orange.png Challenge!

    We're giving away over $1,000,000 in cash, college scholarships & prizes to the Fittest & Most Improved Runners in America in The RunRite Challenge! 

    "Enter The RunRite Challenge and discover how much can your improve when your 5K, 10K, or marathon training program is based on you instead of doing the same running program as everyone else! "
    Zig Ziegler - The Sports Kinesiologist


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