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Welcome to Z Athlete Factory's initial course and certification for Coaches & Community Partners: "How to Optimize the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Any Athlete's Training Program"

This registration page is for Level I Coaches and "Community Partners".  All new Community Partners for Z Athlete Factory are required to participate in and complete this 16 hour Level I certification.  We view this as a crucial part of the development of Community Partner Coaches and team chemistry.  

As a new Coach or potential Community Partner in our program, the first step is for you or your team to go through our Optimization Certification Course to master how to identify and optimize the physical limitations, compensations, strengths, and weaknesses in each athlete.

The first athlete you will coach is yourself. No we don't expect you to become world class. Your participation as an athlete gives you personal insight into your own physical limitations in order to best understand the struggles of your athletes.
In addition, during the course, you will assist in the coaching of other participants in the course with optimizing their physical performance. This includes learning about the basic principles impacting the kinesiology for the performance of skills in any sport in which Z Athlete Factory utilizes its A.I. technology.

On day 1, we will complete an assessment of your running and walking biomechanics and kinesiology. Your homework will be to improve your ability to run or walk. 
  • An Initial Motion DNA Audit of Their Chosen Sports Skill or Activity
  • Each team member will receive one (1) In-Shoe Exercise Kit
  • A Customized List of Corrective Exercises and Drills to Improve the Body's Ability to Performance the Skill or Activity  

During the course you will also learn...
  • How we use our Z Athlete Factory Hardware and Software Systems to conduct evaluations and A.I. Coaching sessions for Individual Athletes
  • How to Interpret our A.I. Reports for Athletes
  • How to Implement the Corrective Skill Drills & Exercises Recommended by Z Athlete Factory A.I. Systems
  • How to Perform & Teach Proper Technique for Any Sport
  • How to Optimize Any Athlete’s Eight Physical Performance Factors
  • How to Optimize Any Athlete's Running & Walking Biomechanics
  • How to Conduct a Visual or 3D Foot Function & Posture Analysis utilizing our Foot Pressure & Balance System
  • Identifying the Root Cause of Foot Pain & Injury
  • How to Quickly Increase Any Athlete's Technique in any Sport
  • How to Identify & Eliminate the Risk of Any Athlete Suffering a Sports Related Injury
  • Proper Implementation & Teaching of Corrective Exercises

Level I - Coach & Community Partner: How to Optimize the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Any Athlete's Training Program

Level I - Coach & Community Partner: How to Optimize the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Any Athlete's Training Program

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