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Baseball DNA Pitching Optimization Workshop

Baseball DNA Pitching Optimization Workshop

Our 6D - Pitcher & Throwing Analysis & Optimization Workshop includes a full biomechanics assessment.

Athletes in our Baseball Pitcher Optimization Workshops receive a 6D baseball pitching analysis is a technique using our wearable 6D motion DNA sensors and software to capture and analyze a baseball pitcher's motion in all three planes of movement. 

There are many benefits to participating in our Advanced 3D Baseball Pitcher Transformation Workshop, including:

  • Identify and correct specific Pitcher's Faults or Areas of Weakness of Each individual Pitcher's Body
  • Identify How to Improve the Individual Athlete's Velocity and Movement by Optimizing Pitching mechanics
  • Identify Exactly How to Improve the Individual Pitcher's Control by identifying and Addressing Any Timing or Sequencing Issues
  • Assess Comparisons to Ideal Pitching Biomechanics instead of comparisons to other Pitcher as Models
  • Assess the impact of technique changes or modifications and different surfaces (All pitching mounds are not equal)
  • Identify how to prevent or reduce the risk of injuries by discovering how to identifying pitching patterns that may be causing unnecessary strain on the body, arm, or shoulder.

Overall, our 6D Baseball Pitcher Optimization Workshop is extremely valuable tool for pitchers looking to improve increase velocity while improving command and reducing their risk of pitcher related injuries.

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