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Our 3/4 Length - 7 step strengthening system will help your clients regain balance, and stability, while resolving alignment issues from the source. This universal insoles kit is perfect for swapping one kit from shoe to shoe.  

Get the maximum benefit from our 7 step, ¾ Length Therapeutic insoles! 

The complete 7 Step Strengthening System is included to achieve the ultimate benefits for your entire body:

  • Strengthened arches
  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Improved static and dynamic balance
  • Relief from sore feet and so much more!

The ¾ length is ideal for shoes with non-removable insoles or if you often find yourself switching between pairs of shoes. These ¾ insoles are also a great choice for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and other sports footwear. 

Similar to walking in sand, Barefoot Science insoles cause the 20 muscles in each of your feet to fire in a way that makes them stronger. As with any muscle group, the more they are exercised, the stronger they get. 

Clothed in a 2 tone mesh anti-fungal material and containing Poron™ at the heel of the insert - our Therapeutic model is excellent for shock absorption and pressure reduction;  which can be ideal for active lifestyles, a robust gait, and high step rate occupancies.    

Therapeutic ¾ length is an EXCELLENT choice for athletes. The Complete 7 Step Strengthening system provides the most mid-arch stimulation. Mid-arch stimulation has been known to reduce proprioception deficits and strengthen neuromuscular pathways between the feet and the brain - not only enhancing performance, but also improving static & dynamic balance and contact time. Most athletes use this in-shoe technology as a natural performance enhancer.  

Not an athlete? Diabetics and those suffering from arthritis can find relief from the increased circulation to the feet through the mid-arch stimulation and the insoles themselves. We've heard customers who are on levels 6 and 7 have describe that they feel a massaging sensation when walking with Barefoot Science.

*The 3/4-length insole is recommended ONLY for shoes WITHOUT removable insoles.

For shoes with removable insoles, please view our full-length Therapeutic model.

Sizes available

XS (Child 3.5 – 5.5 / Women 5 – 7.5), S (Men 5 – 7.5 / Women 8 – 9.5), M (Men 8 – 9.5 / Women 10 – 11.5), L (Men 10 – 11.5 / Women 12 – 13), XL (Men 12 – 13.5)


  • Complete 7 Step Strengthening System of insole plugs included
  • 2 Tone Mesh Overlay
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Enhanced cushioning, support and breathability
  • ‘Poron™’ at the front and heel for provides excellent shock absorption 
  • Extra pressure-reducing layer
  • Built for use and ideal for those with a robust gait or heavier build
  • Strengthening Insole Plugs 6 and 7 esigned to withstand a heavier footfall
  • Great option for those living with Diabetes, Arthritis or individuals with high arches
  • Additional stimulation to massage tense foot muscles
  • Proactive and reactive

Rehabilitate Injuries to Your Feet & Realign Your Body Your Feet with our 7 Step 3/4 Length Therapeutic Barefoot Science In Shoe Exercise Kit!

Rehabilitate Injuries to Your Feet & Realign Your Body Your Feet with our 7 Step 3/4 Length Therapeutic Barefoot Science In Shoe Exercise Kit!

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