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I'm Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist & founder of Z Athlete Factory.  I am committed to challenging the status quo by helping individuals optimize the function of the muscles of the body, instead of just developing brute strength in the weight room.  By actually training all of the muscles, we maximize the body's ability to achieve results and reduce the risk of injuries!

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The Sports Kinesiologist & Founder

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Back in 1991 when I started working with athletes, I believed there was something to the theory that in order to achieve extremely above average results, athletes had to train to improve their weaknesses, imbalances , and compensations by working on them everyday.  

The biggest complaint throughout out my career has been one simple thought: Why do other professionals ignore the individual athlete and instead focus on training athletes for the sport?​ The short answer?

We didn't know what we didn't know, we didn't know.... until we started to measure HOW each athlete's body was moving and WHAT each individual athlete could do to improve.

And, in order to maintain any kind of high intensity, I agreed with coaches that developing athletes to be more efficient was the key. And measuring the most crucial physical performance factors was the only way to know if athletes were becoming efficient or just making it look like they were efficient because they're strength increased in standard weightlifting.  

I had to stop guessing at how to optimize the individual athlete and start measuring. My opinion is only as good as the athlete's results!

Shaquille O'Neal shoots 73.9% from the free throw line with assistance from Motion DNA!

​Pro Basketball 

In April of 2008 season, Zig Ziegler was brought in to analyze the free throw shooting of Shaquille O'Neal after he was traded to the Phoenix Suns. Shaq's Motion DNA data showed inconsistent release points in nearly every free throw analyzed. Armed with a simple pinpointed recommendation, Shaq used the tips to shoot 17 of 23 from the free throw line to end the season!

In addition, exercises were recommended to improve specific physical limitations in O’Neal affecting his shot consistency.

“The body and the game is all mechanics. The better the body, the better the mechanics.  If your ankle is off, it can throw off knee, hip, back, and more. With Motion DNA, you can improve all of that,”  Shaquille O’Neal -former Phoenix Suns player

Mets seek Ziegler's opinion on Santana Trade

Before trading Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins, the New York Mets consulted with Zig Ziegler to establish his long term potential health.  After 6-DOF evaluation of Santana’s mechanics, 

Zig was able safely to recommend the trade without concern of potential injury to Santana – obviously, provided there were no dramatic changes in his mechanics.

MLB Star Ryan Howard find his swing groove with Motion DNA Testing!

After his biomechanical Analysis, MLB star Ryan Howard was able to pinpoint issues in his swing causing slumps in his hitting performance. Howard went out less than four hours after his analysis and played in a game where he hit a homerun. Howard went on a tear and hit an additional 46 homeruns following his analysis.

“I am appreciative of what Zig did to help me find the answers to problems in my swing,” Ryan Howard-Philadelphia Phillies

Canadian Olympian & NPF Pitcher returns from broken leg thanks to Ziegler

For over three years, Big 12 & Oklahoma State University Player of the Year and Canadian Olympian and Pro Fastpitch star Lauren Bay was forced to wear a heavy metal brace on her ankle. 

Our founder, Zig Ziegler, identified weaknesses in Lauren’s body caused her to repeatedly place excessive stress in her lower leg cause stress fractures on several occasions. The brace affected Lauren’s control and velocity.  After her initial analysis and completion of a six week training program, Lauren was able to throw “pain free” without the brace and regained pitching velocity to almost 70 MPH.

“I am thankful for my long term health - thanks to Zig and his services,” Lauren Bay, 2008 Canadian Olympian

Diamondbacks, Whitesox, and other MLB Scouts  call on Ziegler to assist with pre draft scouting based upon his Motion DNA 6-DOF technology!

Prior to the MLB Amateur Draft from 2003 to 2012, over a dozen MLB teams  requested a biomechanical evaluation of top prospects for their top draft picks.  Scouts typically like or dislike potential draft picks for various reasons.

The Motion DNA biomechanical analysis confirms objectively the opinions of many of those scouts including risk of Tommy John injury/surgery.

Additionally, a particular prospect passed over by the one major league team, but drafted as the number one pick of another, later suffered injuries to his pitching arm in exactly the manner predicted by his 6-D Analysis conducted by Zig Ziegler.

    • Charles Barkley (Basketball)
    • Paula Creamer (Golf)
    • Greg Oden (Basketball)
    • Bob Lanier  (Basketball)
    • Bethanie Mattek-Sands (Tennis) 
    • Mark Loretta (Baseball)
    • New York Knicks
    • Portland Trailblazers 
    • New York Mets
    • Chicago White
    • Oakland A’s
    • UCLA (Baseball, Softball, Track, & Golf)
    • San Diego State University (Baseball, Softball, & Basketball)
    • USA Weightlifting
    • Michael Jordan (The G.O.A.T.)
    • Oklahoma State University (Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Golf, & Football) 
    • Fanny Stollar  (Tennis)
    • Ramon Martinez (Baseball)
    • Tony Gwynn (Baseball)
    • Brandon Roy (Basketball)
    • Jason Bay (Baseball)
    •  Lucie Safarova (Tennis)
    • Arizona Diamondbacks
    • Boston Red Sox
    • Arizona Cardinals
    • San Francisco Giants
    • Arizona State University (Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Golf, & Basketball)
    • Shaquille O’Neal (Basketball)
    • Tiger Woods (Golf)
    • Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner (Golf/Track)
    • Julietta Granada (Golf)
    • Anquan Boldin (Football)
    • Lauren Bay (Softball)
    • Jamir Miller (Football)
    • Tony Phillips (Baseball)
    • Phoenix Suns
    • California Angels
    • Minnesota Twins
    • New York Yankees
    • Cleveland Indians
    • University of Texas
    • Chicago Cubs 
    • University of Arizona (Softball)