Improve Your Track & Field Athlete's Results by an Average of 22.7% with our Cutting Edge Workshops!

Get ready to take any track & field athlete's performances to the next level with our Track & Field workshops powered by RunRite and Motion DNA! We're the offer year-round sports training for youth, high school, and adult athletes.

Utilizing our cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, coaches will discover how to help athletes develop the physical ability to optimize the skills necessary to achieve maximum results in any event. 

We don't follow the status quo or recommend some twist on the same old practice routines you'll see in other programs.  Our technology give every athlete their own unique exercises and drills that are meant for different physical abilities. That allows each athlete to speed up the process of their own personal development, providing each the ability to achieve results which takes almost two years in following common track & field training programs 


With our commitment to leveling the playing field, every athlete gets a chance to reach their potential and maximize their abilities! When weaknesses show up, we teach you how to address them with corrective exercises and drills.  

Our program is open to boys and girls enrolled in teams and individual athletes in grades 7 through 12, as well as adults 18+.

For coaches looking to take their athletes to the next level, contact us for information on how your team can benefit from our cutting edge workshops!


Our RunRite System Identifies Every Runner's Compensations, Strengths & Weaknesses!

With your own athletes in participation, coaches will discover...

  • How to Optimize Any Athlete's Running or Field Events Technique
  • How to Optimize Any Track & Field Athlete’s Physical Performance Factors
  • How to Quickly Increase Any Athlete's Speed, Power & Explosiveness at Any Distance
  • How to Identify & Transform the Risk of Any Athlete Suffering a Running Related
  • How to Perform Track & Field Event Technique(s), Drills, & Corrective Exercises
  • Proper Technique & Coaching of Corrective Running Drills
  • How to Identify & Recruit Track & Field Athletes for Who are Ready for Optimization
  • How to Operate a RunRite Athlete Optimization System

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