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  • Are you tired of playing the guessing game, trying one training program or another? 
  • Are you frustrated with generic coaching programs that claim to be customized only to find out that the same "5K or marathon" training workouts are given to everyone with the only customization limited to training at your own pace based upon your previous times?
  • Do you want to know what you're capable of achieving as a runner and start working to achieve what's possible for you?

Look no further than The RunRite Challenge and receive a 15 Minute RunRite Audit of your unique runner efficiency then follow your 8-10 week truly customized RunRite training plan!

  • Our RunRite Audit is like a crystal ball for athletes, as it can identify precisely what it takes to make you run like the wind and leave your competition in the dust.
  • Attend weekly "in-person" or "virtual" coaching sessions for 8-10 weeks!

No more trial and error, no more guesswork - just pure scientific wizardry at work.

The RunRite Challenge will help you unlock your full potential & achieve your runner-related dreams, whether it's outrunning your ex or running that 5K or marathon you've been eyeing.

If you're gonna go out and run, why not run fast (and stay healthy).

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Unlock your full potential & achieve your runner-related dreams!

 What people are saying...

IMG_2864.HEICI had chronic plantar fascia pain for years.   It reduced significantly within the first 10 days and was completely gone within 30 days. And I dropped 2 minutes per mile in my first 6 weeks! My technique improved significantly from the very first session!   --April M.-54 (Phoenix, AZ   



"I had no idea I could be too flexible and that it was stopping me from running with power.  I started to activate muscles I wasn't event using and I felt density in the muscles. I got faster and it helped prevent injuries on the soccer field!"

Bella T. - 17 (Peoria, AZ)


IMG_1202 3.jpg"Everything I learned in the first 3 hours goes against 90% of what's being taught to high school athletes. RunRite makes common sense based on real physics!"
O'Brien C. - 18 (Plano, TX)



"I dropped from 12.21 to 11.63 in the 100M in the first race after my second session by learning how to do basic drill properly. Like most athletes what I was just going through the motions. My coaches couldn't believe I ran so much faster after only one week!"  -Henry S. - 15 (Chandler, AZ)


"Our daughter improved her personal best from 13.67 to 13.22 in less than 4 weeks. As far as we are concerned, she will keep doing this program until she earns a college scholarship."

Parents- Sydney K. - Plano, TX


Ee'll help you unlock your full potential and achieve your runner-related dreams, whether it's outrunning your ex or running that marathon you've been eyeing.

So don't waste another minute wondering what's possible or considering a programs that focus on helping just finish a race.

Unleash your inner superhero by identifying and improving specific strength and conditioning-related abilities to defeat your kryptonite.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the RunRite Revolution and become the fittest, fastest, and healthiest athlete on the block!

"It nailed my weaknesses. I cut 2/10ths of a second off my 20 yard dash in less than 10 days and my booty has lifted from doing the exercises it gave me..." Annie Burlingham- Pole Vaulter

 I had chronic ankle injuries in college and I discovered why the symptom always came back. The RunRite System tells me what I need to do to improve my running technique and prevent injuries! " Teddy Lampkin - Former Collegiate Long jumper