Why our mission and vision are so important!

The average instructor attempts to teach athletes how to mimic the technique of the latest pro athlete who is achieving success.

Z Athlete Factory helps optimize each individual athlete's training program to help them achieve the best technique possible, eliminating the root cause for individual compensation for each athlete's unique strengths and weaknesses.

Our 31-year journey has taken us from working with professional sports teams to private and public schools and individual athletes. Using our Motion D.N.A.I. technology, we'll uncover your unique secrets to maximizing your abilities while eliminating the risk of athlete-related injuries!

Take the story of a girl's high school basketball athlete who experienced two major ACL surgeries on both knees within 12 months. After the second surgery, she came to us for her rehab to discover the root cause of her injuries.

We analyzed her running efficiency and identified the sources of her body's inability to absorb forces efficiently which was causing her knee injuries. 

The results? She returned to basketball less than 6 months after the 2nd ACL surgery and hasn't experienced another knee injury since.

This could be you, your daughter, your son, or your athlete!


We do what we do because every athlete is different. And yet the average training programs, rehab, and sports instructors have learned to develop individual athletes in groups with the same drills, exercises and recommendations.

Our mission is to optimize your training program by identifying your unique strengths and weaknesses, and eliminating the root causes of any injuries.

We use A.I. technology like Motion DNA 3D Foot Pressure to assess the function of the feet and other part of an athletes body to discover which muscles are too tight, too weak, or too strong. We offer workshops, courses, camps, and clinics for coaches and their athletes.

So if you're ready to maximize your potential and achieve your athletic goals, join the Z Athlete Factory family and let's get to work!