Discover which exercise are best for any football individual athlete to maximize results on the football field!


If you look around for a sports performance training program, every sports trainer and facility makes the same claims. They say their program will improve your 40 yard dash, lateral speed and agility, blah, blah blah.

Many offer group sessions with fewer opportunities for individual attention.  How do you get exactly what you need as a player to make bigger gains faster than all the noise of any sports training program's marketing blurbs?

The Z Athlete Factory team offers a unique battery of Motion DNA programs to help high school, collegiate, and professional athletes and their coaches improve the athletes upper and lower body strength, flexibility, running speed, and athletic ability.

Available Tests Include....

  • RunRite Strength and Running Audit
  • Overhead Squat Functional Movement Audit
  • Quarterback Throwing Biomechanics Audit

      Our results driven prescriptions for you and your coach is intended to supplement any athlete's existing strength training program already being implemented by the athlete from your current coaches.  You will continue to follow your coaches' performance program for your sport! 

      Every athlete receives a unique corrective exercise or sports performance supplemental program based on each individual's biomechanics assessments.  The cutting edge recommendations will help improve...

      • Foot speed
      • Agility
      • Actual Muscle Strength
      • Individual Athlete Full Body Power

      We accomplish this while reducing each individual athlete's risk of knee, shoulder, and other injuries in any athlete, at any age.

      Because any recommendations made for every athlete is based on each individual athletes strengths while running, jumping, squatting, or throwing, the results we predict are guaranteed! 

      6 DOF - Quarterback Throwing Analysis :  Comparison of Throwing Hand Patch



      Our 6-DOF Quarterback Throwing Analysis is a method of evaluating a quarterback's performance based on their throwing mechanics. This can involve analyzing video footage combined with 6-DOF biomechanics data  of the quarterback's throws, using our specialized software and motion tracking sensors  to measure various aspects of the throw, such as ball velocity, spin, and release point. In addition, Z Athletes Factory's Quarterback Throwing Analysis takes a look at the quarterbacks body and what they do to throw the football including posture, arm positions, and multiple hand velocities in 6-DOF. 

      Our analysis assists  coaches, trainers, and scouts identify strengths and weaknesses in a quarterback's throwing mechanics, and provide guidance on how to improve their performance.

      Some of the key factors that may be analyzed in a 6-DOF quarterback throwing analysis include:

      1. Arm strength: The velocity of the ball as it is thrown, which can be influenced by the quarterback's arm strength and throwing technique.
      2. Release point: The height and angle at which the ball is released from the quarterback's hand, which can affect the trajectory of the throw and the accuracy of the pass.
      3. Follow-through: The motion of the quarterback's arm and body after the ball is released, which can impact the stability and spin of the ball.
      4. Footwork: The positioning and movement of the quarterback's feet as they set up to throw, which can influence their balance and ability to generate power.

        Overall, 6-DOF quarterback throwing analysis can provide valuable insights into a quarterback's performance and can help coaches and trainers develop strategies for improving their throwing mechanics and accuracy.


        6D - RunRite Running Analysis

        Our 6-DOF 40 Yard Running Analysis evaluates each athlete's speed and acceleration over a short distance, using specialized software or motion capture sensors equipment to record and analyze the motion of the person's body as they run. Our analysis is used to evaluate the ability of athletes in a variety of sports, including football, soccer, and track and field, among others.

        During our 6-DOF 40 Yard Running Analysis we measure in real time:

        1. Stride Length: The distance covered by each stride, which can be influenced by factors such as leg length and muscle strength.
        2. Stride/Step Rate: The number of strides taken per athlete over time and distance, which can be affected by factors such as leg turnover rate and running technique.
        3. Leg Range of Motion: We measure flexion, extension, internal/external rotation, and Abduction/Adduction for every step each athlete takes.
        4. Ground Contact Time: The amount of time the foot spends in contact with the ground during each stride, which can impact the runner's speed and acceleration.
        5. Power Output: The amount and direction of force generated by the runner's muscles as they push off the ground, which can affect individual speed and acceleration.​

          Overall, 6-DOF Running  Analysis provides valuable insights into every athlete's sprinting ability and can help coaches and trainers develop strategies for improving speed and acceleration.


          6-DOF - Overhead Squat or Olympic Lifting

          TSSC 2.png

          Our 6-DOF Overhead Squat Diagnostic Needs Audit is a method of evaluating a person's technique and form when performing the overhead squat exercise. This can involve analyzing video footage of the person performing the exercise, using specialized software or equipment to measure various aspects of the movement, or having a trained instructor or coach observe and provide feedback.

          Many strength and conditioning programs utilize Olympic weightlifting as their primary exercises, which involves lifting a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells, overhead in a variety of movements, including the snatch (a single, continuous movement of lifting the weight from the ground to overhead) and the clean and jerk/press (a two-part movement involving first lifting the weight to the shoulders, or "cleaning," followed by lifting it overhead, or "jerking").

          These exercises are used to develop strength, power, and technique in the upper body, core, and legs.

          Our 6-DOF Overhead Squat Diagnostic Needs Audit is a compound motion that involves holding a weightless dowel or weighted implement  (such as a barbell or kettlebell) overhead with the arms extended while performing a squatting movement.  this allows us to assess compound strength, mobility, and stability in the legs, hips, torso, arms, shoulders, and core.

          Some of the key factors that may be evaluated in our 6-DOF Overhead Squat Audit include:

          1. Grip: The position of the hands on the weight and the level of stability in the wrists and forearms.
          2. Elbow position: The angle of the elbows in relation to the body, which can impact the stability of the weight overhead.
          3. Shoulder position: The position of the shoulders in relation to the weight overhead, which can affect the stability and alignment of the upper body.
          4. Spinal alignment: The position of the spine during the exercise, which should remain neutral and avoid excessive rounding or arching.
          5. Depth of squat: The depth of the squatting movement, which should be sufficient to allow the hips to drop below the level of the knees.

            Overall, our 6-DOF Overhead Squat Diagnostic Needs Audit can help identify areas for improvement in a person's technique and form, and can provide guidance on how to perform the exercise correctly and safely.

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