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Become an affiliate of Z Athlete Factory and start helping people from all walks of life become more effective and efficient in their training for sports, fitness, and life.

Most people are stuck in the status quo.  They try out the latest trend on instagram or ticktok...experiment with one gadget or tip after another. And most never realize their full potential in sports or fitness.

Motion DNA Provider: As a motion Motion DNA provider delivering opportunities for athletes to improve their performances by over 22% and eliminate their risk of injuries in sports and medical facilities! Territories are available in...

  • Baseball-Hitting .300 should not be acceptable, just because its what the average player does.  Pitchers be more accurate, throw faster, with less risk of injury? Tommy John Injuries can be predicted and prevented.
  • Basketball-The best players in the game don't always make the best skill teachers. It takes more than saying do what I do to make a 50% free throw shooter instantly improve by 20% or more!
  • Fastpitch Softball-Squish the bug, lead with the hips, take a big stride..all cues which cause pitchers to loose speed power and control. And they cause hitters to mishit the ball (regardless of strikeouts and getting on base). Fix it! 
  • Fitness-With so many different exercises, how does anyone know if an exercise is right for them or if it just looks cool to do. Repetitive stress eventually leads to a breakdown for people who are addicted to 
  • Football-Strength and conditioning coaches got it mostly right. Functional training for the average football works. And yet we are seeing more injuries than ever in football than any other sport. And we will until we get back to developing muscles at the same time that we develop movement.  Use our athlete audits to discover each athletes weakest link and improve it. Because we all know what they say about the weakest link.
  • Golf-The average golfer just wants to be consistent. And every golf swing the club compensating for their own weaknesses. Over time, the weaknesses catch up. Help golfers improve the one piece of equipment they can't replace-their body!
  • Running-The average runner is losing over 45 seconds per mile. Our technology shows runners how to get it back so you reach your destination faster and eliminate runner related injuries.
  • Soccer-ACL injuries are on the rise especially in girls soccer. Researchers have been saying the same thing for the past 30 years. Stop complaining and do something.
  • Track & Field-While the average athletes in the sport are running faster than ever, the fastest athletes are not getting faster. Help athletes in the sport raise their average.
  • Volleyball-Prevent Injuries and help players Identify how to increase vertical leap by up to 7 inches in less than 6 weeks.

The RunRite Challenge: As an affiliate, you'll help guide runners and athletes who run to train for their sport realize their true potential as you audit individual runner biomechanics, kinesiology, training program effectiveness, and efficiency. 

FitFeet: The feet are the most important yet most neglected part of the body when it comes to training programs.  As a Foot Fitness Specialist help people discover how to improve the function of their feet to improve balance, coordination, speed, strength, and more!

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